Our Story

About Kwaqun.com

Kwaqun Shop is an online chinese wedding kwaqun store based in China that serves customers from all over the world. We created a webstore in the simplest form easy for you to shop around & track the status of your order. Furthermore, with our friendly & helpful customer care consultants, we will do our best to assist you with any enquiries.

At Kwaqun.com ...we pledge to deliver the most unique & genuine precious things from China at the most affordable value.

We are selling  traditional chinese wedding dress, kwa qun..... You can select from the range of sizes available from 8 to 16 or for a more perfect fit, why not enquire about our made to measure service. Our products are made from the best quality fabrics in the China.

In addition, we believe not only can we bring to you the extrinsic qualities of these products, you will also gain the intrinsic qualities such as the knowledge of the Asian cultures, lifestyle & an appreciation of ancient art & history.

Our Story

Kwaqun.com was set up in May 2010, by husband and wife team Alan Kong& Susan Cheung. It is 2010 and Susan's friend Amy Huang is planning everything for her Wedding Day later in the year. Amongst many other things, one particular thing that was troubling her was finding a Qun Kwa, a Traditional Red Chinese Wedding Dress to be worn by the bride when performing the tea ceremony and during the after party celebrations.

You might be in a similar situation as Amy Huang was right now, or perhaps will face this problem in the near future. Either way, it's still a problem, and not everyone can afford the time or money to take a trip to the other side of the world to find a dress. Realising this problem a group of close friends, including Susan.

The reason we set this business is because there aren’t many young adults who are interested and not to mention have the slightest clue about wedding traditions. We are passionate about what we do, continuing this dying trait and at the same time using new technologies like the internet to provide a chinese wedding dresses. We are the first online kwa qun shop in China to retail items so you can be sure items created are of originality and exclusive --