Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Qun Kwa

What is a Qun Kwa?

A Qun Kwa is a two-piece traditional Chinese wedding dress worn by the bride in Southern China, including Hong Kong. It is a two-piece garment, which includes a jacket and a long skirt.

Traditionally, the bride would wear the Qun Kwa throughout her wedding day, but in the modern age it is more common to wear a Qun Kwa during the tea ceremony and in the evening during a banquet, acting as a second dress to the Western bridal dress.

What colour is a Qun Kwa?

A Qun Kwa is traditionally in red. The colour red in Chinese culture symbolises good fortune, luck, prosperity and happiness. A fitting choice of colour to wear on your wedding day!

What’s the difference between a Qun Kwa and a Qipao?

The traditional Chinese wedding dress in Southern China, including Hong Kong is a Qun Kwa. It is a two-piece garment, which includes a jacket and a long skirt. Brides from Northern China usually wear a one-piece dress called a Qipao. Both are made of red fabric with gold and silver threading.

Why is a Qun Kwa always embroidered with dragon and phoenix?

In Chinese culture, the phoenix symbolise virtue, luck and happiness. For these reasons, it is customary in Southern China to have the phoenix stitched onto the Qun Kwa. When the dragon and phoenix are placed together on a Qun Kwa, it symbolises the power balance between the groom and the bride, and shows their equality.

In Feng Shui, the dragon is the ‘yang’ and the phoenix is the ‘yin’, and they compliment each other in creating yin-yang balance, which symbolise the union of opposites, a perfect couple.

Why are the sleeves on a Qun Kwa ¾ in lengths?

The sleeves on a Qun Kwa are designed to be ¾ in lengths to allow the bride to showcase her gold bangles and other gold jewelleries.

Why is the threading in gold and silver?

Gold and Silver in Chinese culture symbolise wealth and status. The greater the gold and silver threading on a Qun Kwa, the wealthier and superior the bride is believed to be.

How do I select the right Qun Kwa size for me?

We strongly recommend you use our size guide for selecting the right size for you. As our Qun Kwas are manufactured in China, the sizing will differ compared to the standard UK sizing matrix. You should also be aware that Qun Kwas are designed to be worn fairly loose so if you are in between sizes, we recommend you go for a size up.


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