Traditional Chinese Wedding Kwa Qun

A Qun Kwa (裙褂) is a two-piece traditional Chinese wedding dress worn by the bride in Southern China, including Hong Kong. It is a two-piece garment, which includes a jacket and a long skirt. The Qun (裙) is the long skirt, while the Kwa (褂) refers to the Chinese-style top coat. The customary Chinese bridal Qun Gua (群褂) symbolizes the abundance of children (儿女成群).

In Chinese culture, the phoenix symbolise virtue, luck and happiness. For these reasons, it is customary in Southern China to have the phoenix stitched onto the Qun Kwa. When the dragon and phoenix are placed together on a Qun Kwa, it symbolises the power balance between the groom and the bride, and shows their equality.

A Qun Kwa is traditionally in red. The colour red in Chinese culture symbolises good fortune, luck, prosperity and happiness. A fitting choice of colour to wear on your wedding day!

In custom, the bride wear a traditional "Kwa" heavily sewn with phoenix and other auspicious embroidery just before the traditional tea ceremony. The bride will serve tea to her elderly in the husband family and receive red packets as symbols of blessings for the new couple.

In old days, when the chinese girl get to marry, she will prepare to select the desired style and select experienced tailor and embroiderer because the kwa qun is hand embroideried with hundred of beans, it will take 2-3 months the emboridery the pattern. There're a little tailors can make the kwa qun in china in recently year.

Today, many modern Chinese brides have done away with the red cloth replacing it with stylish fascinators but still choose to preserve their Chinese heritage by wearing the auspicious qua during their wedding.

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